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Niv Sarig PhD

My family

I am a mathematician with a PhD granted from the department of Mathematics in the  Weizmann institute of science.
I am serious, thorough, with excellent interpersonal skills, strong work ethics and a desire to bring and combine a vast mathematical knowledge, superb research and teaching skills to the real world
(HiTech\Engineering, Economics\Investments, Mathematical research and consulting etc...)."

As the Algorithm team lead at Optibus I built and manage a worldwide team of top notch algorithm and software developers, Senior PhD researchers, Senior Algorithm developers, Highly experienced software evelopers that are cooperating to create the best Scheduling optimization engine based on cutting edge modelling algorithms, Heuristics, several MILP and graph theory solver development and integration to achieve superfast, optimality driven solution to real world huge scale scheduling problems in the mass transport industry around the world.

We bring a fast close to optimal solutions to the most challenging theoretical and industrial problems and we always find the most difficult problem as an opportunity for new challenging to solve and win.

We combine several software languages (Python, C++, ILOG and more) over many platforms and development infrastructures (Kubernetes, Jenkins, AWS, Lambda function parallelism, multithreading to implement the most complicated linear and integer programming as well Graph theory modeling to combine time planning, vehicle fleet, drivers shifts and rosters of the most complicated and challenging mass transportation operators and agencies around the world.

As the leading technology team of Optibus startup we have the highest visibility to Optibus founders (CTO and CEO) and take part in the most strategic business needs to bring the company to fulfill the dream of “Moving the world smarter”

I wake up filled with sense of responsibility and enthusiastic attitude knowing I will find every day new challenges to set in front of my team members and support them to bring their superb capabilities for new ingenuity solutions for all Optibus users and customers.

As a senior algorithm developer at Optibus inc. I researched and developed cutting edge optimization algorithms in Optibus SAS product. We are helping public transportation operators to reduce OPEX and improve operations and transportation planning. Optibus is a post round B investment round Israeli startup expanding rapidly, its market share keeps on growing and growing (and the sky is the limit in that aspect) thanks to our cutting edge algorithms that win competitors in quality and in performance (Big time!).

Developing optimization algorithms in Optibus SAS product, accelerating calculations, and dealing with memory and other infrastructure limitations while keeping the algorithm best achievements are part of my daily practice.

As a path finding group member at Nova I was part of an exclusive team of ~10 PhD Colleagues all are in physics\engineering. As the only Mathematician I brought a different point of view to algorithms, modeling and general approaches on the new aspects being researched in the team (being led by Nova's CTO).

Accelerating extrapolation and regression in multi-dimensional libraries, modeling physical systems (optics, reflectometry, spectroscopy, nano-metric scale metrology) and solving inverse problems were the main tasks I was being involved in.

I wake up every day full of energy for a new and interesting day in Nova. Wait for the new challenging and important tasks and problems I will find during my research to attack, dive in and finally solve.
Along side, since I find it highly fulfilling and interesting, I dedicated part of my time for teaching advanced Mathematical courses in the Academy, especially at the Weizmann institute of Science.

Academic studies:

PhD granted from the department of Mathematics in the  Weizmann institute of science.

Supervisor: Prof. Yosef Yomdin
Taken from: R. Remmert, Wielandt's theorem about the F-function, Amer. Math. Monthly103 (1996) pp 220.
M.Sc in Department of mathematics - Weizmann institute of science

Supervisor: Prof. Yosef Yomdin

B.Sc. in math and phys in Hebrew University in Jerusalem

Email: niv.sarig at weizmann dot ac dot il
Mobile phone number: 972-50-2050232

Graduate studies:
Ph.D thesis: Non linear reconstruction of models from small number of measured moments (pdf)
M.Sc thesis: Robust Reconstruction of Nonlinear Models Parameters From Measurement Data (pdf)

Archie C.; Sarig N.; Sendelbach M. et.al. Effect of measurement error budgets and hybrid metrology on qualification metrology sampling, Proceedings of SPIE Vol. 9050, 90501M (2014).
Batenkov. D, Sarig N.; Yomdin Y. Decoupling of Fourier Reconstruction System for Shifts of Several Signals, accepted SampTA 2013 conference, (arXiv:1305.2832v1)
Batenkov. D, Sarig. N, Yomdin Y.  Algebraic reconstruction of piecewise-smooth functions from integral measurements, Functional Differential Equations, 19(1-2), 2012, pp.13-30,  arXiv:1103.3969v1 [math.CA].
Batenkov. D, Sarig. N, Yomdin Y.  An "algebraic" reconstruction of piecewise-smooth functions from integral measurements, accepted SampTA 2009 conference, arXiv:0901.4659v1 [math.CA].
Ettinger B.; Sarig N.; Yomdin Y. Linear versus non-linear acquisition of step-functions. J. Geom. Anal. 18 (2008), no. 2, 369--399. 41Axx. (arxiv)
Sarig N.; Yomdin Y. Signal acquisition from measurements via non-linear models. C. R. Math. Acad. Sci. Soc. R. Can. 29 (2007), no. 4, 97--114. (arxiv)

Decoupling of Fourier Reconstruction System for Shifts of Several Signals,
Sampling Theory and Applications 2013, July 2013, Bremen Germany.

An “algebraic” reconstruction of piecewise-smooth functions from integral measurements,
The 11th Israeli Mini-Workshop in Applied and Computational Mathematics, July 2009, Technion.

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Hebrew format

Complex analysis and Partial Differential Equations 2018-2019

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